Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Grand Canyon Trip

If you want to get the most out of your Grand Canyon tour, our tips in this article can help you. The Grand Canyon is spread across one million acres. Our guide can help you put together a plan that will make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. So, let’s go over the tips.

Sights to See

The majority of travelers head to South Rim where they can experience scenic signs and stunning views. This scenery consists of steep gorges, layers of red rock and so many other things.

Things to Do

As far as the things to do is concerned, the South Rim offers tons of activities unlike the west or north regions. Ideally, you should consider your agility, timeline and budget before you visit the Grand Canyon. Below are some recommended options:

River Rafting
Tours on Bus or jeep
Bird watching
Tours on helicopter or bus
Horseback or mule riding
Paragon skydiving

Here, it’s important to note that for some activities, you need to get backcountry permits like river rafting and overnight hikes. Also, the majority of tours, excursions and activities require visitors to get advanced reservations.

Tips for Time

Like most visitors of the Grand Canyon, you have limited time. But the tips we are going to share will help you with time management as well.

Since it’s not possible to see all of the Grand Canyon, it’s better to head to an IMAX Theater to explore the canyon.

Avoid Crowds

It’s not a good idea to stand in the queue to take a photo of the stunning sights. Instead, we suggest that you plan your tour during the off season or head to the non-popular lookouts. If possible, you should plan your tour in January or February as they are the slowest months of the year.


Also, you should be aware of congested areas. For parking your car, you can take a shutter. On the other hand, if you have plans to bring your car with you, make certain that you reach the destination before 9am if it’s a busy season. If you get late, you won’t be able to find any spot for parking.

To make things easier, you can also pay your entrance fee. For this purpose, the National Geographic Visitor Center can help you. They can allow you to make use of a special lane so you can bypass traffic.

Some tour service providers can give you a lot of accommodation options in the form of a simple list. This can help you choose a place to stay with ease. Apart from this, you can go over their packing checklist that can save you time when you are getting ready for the trip.

In short, if you follow the tips while getting ready to visit the Grand Canyon, we are sure that you will have a great adventure. After all, if you are well armed before a war, the chances of your success are higher. So, you may want to equip yourself with the right information so you can have tons of fun.